Providing Access Solutions for:

                                                           Wheelchairs – Scooters – Caregivers

“This invention is in the field of devices for assisting the disabled, and relates primarily to enabling wheelchair bound persons to ascend and descend stairs.

With an aging population and a resulting increase in the relative proportion of persons having issues with mobility that require the use of a wheelchair, there is a need for devices that assist such persons to continue to live in their homes, including to navigate stairs.”   Y:\DFR01\4392 WO\Drafts\Spec & Clms FINAL 121107.wpd


The Roto-Ramp is an affordable, reliable, and safe means to facilitate access to an elevated floor space.

Affordability- Compared to fixed structures, the Roto-Ramp is a fraction of the cost and occupies very little extra space.

Reliability -Robust construction, powerful linear actuated drive.

Safety - Designed “Fail Safe” features.



 No longer “SHUT-INS”, we can all get out and enjoy life as a family again!




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